Company Profile

We are a real estate development company operating in Mumbai. The key focus area of our business has been reconstruction or redevelopment of slum areas, cessed buildings by housing societies or old buildings belonging to the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

We undertake research for our projects prior to making any decisions to acquire, develop or sell our properties. Our operations include the identification and acquisition of land and land development rights and the planning, execution and marketing of our projects.

Our participation in redevelopment projects in Mumbai has allowed us to obtain strategically located land for our real estate development projects at a lower cost than we would have otherwise incurred for the purchase of comparable, developable urban land in Mumbai. We aim to continue to acquire and develop land that we believe has locational advantages and are reasonably priced. In developing our properties we place an emphasis on architecture, infrastructure, raw materials and facilities and seek to apply aesthetic design techniques and to make the optimum use of available space.

Industry Scenario

The scope of Affordable Housing in India is simply unlimited. A Number of real estate companies now have access to organized financing through primary and secondary markets, financial institutions and alternative financing routes such as private equity. The Indian construction market is expected to be the world’s third largest by 2020. It is currently the fourth largest sector in the country in terms of FDI inflows.

The Government on India has shown support for the real estate industry. It has allowed foreign direct investment (FDI) of up to 100 per cent in development projects for townships and settlements, as well as formally approved 577 special economic zones (SEZs). Thus, recent policy-based efforts and progressive reforms initiated in mid-2013 in the form of Real Estate Regulatory (RER) Bill and new Land Acquisition Act will collectively make the real estate sector more transparent and appealing for developers, investors and buyers.